Monday, September 29, 2008

Test application viability through real life problems

Let’s get real. The only true way to prove something wrong or right – test it!

Reviews of on-demand web-based applications are way too superficial to get a clear picture.
Meaning: how, for God’s sake, can you find out if it really meets your expectations considering your specifics except through an actual app deployment? Ponder that for a while…

The truth is all pitfalls are hidden until the complete app roll out.

So, here I try to make it at least a bit clearer and show you how the specific problem is solved through a particular web-based solution.

The good news is you can check out if the app you are going to utilize resolves your given task or find out a better, not so complicated way to do that.

Tell the business problem you are willing to fix and here you can check out how it can be implemented the best possible way.

The bottom line of all this is to make the choice of the solution wiser and up to your real life concerns, that’s it.


  1. Speaking of real life scenarios, do any online databases have notification of changes? In a real estate leasing office, I'd like to be notified by email of leads/properties that have updated information or are now assigned to me. Any thoughts?

  2. Actually, almost all databases support e-mail notifications. If you mean any specific system, I think I could give it a test-drive or compare vendors you wanna choose from.