Friday, October 17, 2008

A “but” of Quickbase master-detail

My next testing target is Quickbase. Using the same invoice sample with items like in Dabble DB test, I create two tables with needed fields and tie it together through one-to-many relation.

This is how the invoice looks like:

I seem to have liked the opportunity to easily add Total (Quantity*Price) calculation for each item and calculate Grand Total of all items through summary fields in relation.

One should pay attention: Header and Items can’t be modified simultaneously. For example, creating of new invoice I was offered to save the Header at the very beginning, though everything looked so as if I could add Items at once:

I think such an interface misleads the user. This is how Item add/edit function looks like in invoice:


Quickbase master–detail form is easy to create and it works quite well, if you are ready to accept you cant add/edit items on one and the same screen with header.

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