Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Calculate a running total

Wanna see an up-to-the moment total of the data at the time of inspection?
This is what the running total of data recorded represents. The thing is you can keep track on total of each sum for it is automatically recorded each time, adding the total of each operation to the common total as the next operation (commodity sale or whatever) is conducted.
Running total is responsible for that.

I like this function a lot for several reasons.
Firstly, you can get a report on a total data of all positions immediately at any time.It displays the exact total data of the certain time point of recording. Secondly, return or compensation is also automatically subtracted.

This is an example of how it looks:

Sale 1: $80.00 -- Running total: $80.00
Sale 2: $20 -- Running total: $100
Sale 3: $48 -- Running total: $148
Sale 4: Refund: $22 -- Running total: $126
Sale 5: $51 -- Running total: $177

That’s why I just couldn’t pass up this function and decided to give it a try and figure out the ways of its setup in different systems.

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  1. Running Totals is definitely a function people use. I work with Intuit QuickBase and we do this with our summary reports. Check out the following example below. It doesn't require any formulas or anything, it is built into QuickBase's reporting function:

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