Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do SaaS vendors really hate small businesses?

Keeping an eye on what is going on with SaaS market I couldn’t help but notice that small businesses are oftentimes neglected and a lot of services don’t even have an option for such companies. Most of small businesses are challenged by the price offerings presented on the market now. I was pretty embarrassed that lately this tendency had gathered pace and in the majority of cases small businesses were left aside.

In case you want to store your data and just share it with everybody in the company it’s necessary to pay additional money for the functionality you will never use or if you don’t meet the preset quantity of users you have no option in the final count.
What I am trying to find out here is when it comes to small businesses is there any appropriate variants left to provide a good service for a fair price?

You can quickly check here the present price offerings of some vendors and decide for yourself if you urgently need to increase the volume of your data or additionally hire 5 people to meet your providers’ expectations:
ProductMinimal price / UsersLimitations
Quickbase$249 / 10 users25 000 records
100 MB file attachment
TrackVia$249 / 20 users300 000 records
4 GB file attachment
TeamDesk$9 / 1 userUnlimited records and file attachments
Dabble DB$8 / 1 user100 000 records
250 MB file attachment
Coghead$25 / 1 user10 000 records
1 GB storage

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