Thursday, November 27, 2008

TeamDesk dependent dropdown. Just do it.

Even though I have just begun to test Dependent Dropdown functionality the results got pretty interesting by now.

Having checked the things with QuickBase dependent dropdown and being pretty puzzled still the only thing I can state is you can never be sure until you try the service through real life problem.

My position is not to take anybody’s word for it, but to check it all by myself!
In this post another example of how it can be handled through TeamDesk.

Let’s take the same example with States and Cities. So this is how initial data looks like:



Create another table, Customer, for example, and set relations between Customer and State, as well as Customer and Cities for dropdown testing.

This is how Customer is added without dependency setting between States and Cities:

To create a dependency between State and Cities in TeamDesk one should just take one simple step. Add in relation of Customer and City match condition so that chosen State of the customer should agree with the State of the selected city:

Now TeamDesk can dynamically filter the content of the dropdown and City selection when you add the Customer and works as needed:


Easy done. It should be noted that it’s also simple to add any quantity of such dependent dropdown of customer form and tune its dependency according to city or state or any other field in table Customer using such principle with relation and match condition. And by that all dropdowns will be dynamically reloaded according to set match condition. Good job.

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