Friday, December 19, 2008

Get through with unlimited users in Coghead

Is the statement "unlimited users" really true for some web-based services out there? And what is meant by this in Coghead?

Trying to figure out how this can be done and the peculiarities of the implementation I came across the following:

Actually, Coghead offers 2 ways for licensing an unlimited user’s access, that can really add to the value of your app. Here it is what is that all about and how it can be implemented in real-life case:


A Coglet allows you to take a piece of Application and place it in your Web page or Google Gadget. Coglets can also be configured to allow anonymous users to save their information as a record in your Coghead Application without having to be invited to your Account.

Coghead API

Coghead provided an API that enables you to consume and publish data to your Coghead applications programmatically. Using that API, you can use your Coghead applications to power rich, dynamic websites and even integrate into other applications.

It is also necessary to buy Limited User Option Pack ($50/mo) which supports an unlimited number of users to access data via Coglets or API-based applications.


This is a pretty good and comparably not that expansive solution to secure an unlimited users access to your application. If the other Coghead functionality features seem to satisfy your needs, of course.

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