Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Going Dabble DB ways of data restructuring

Figuring out specific ways of particular problem solving each vendor offers, the user can evaluate which functional concept fits practical business requirements more neatly. To give a better perspective on data restructuring within already created app this time I am going to test Dabble DB implementation methods.

So, I want to change the column type. In Dabble DB one should click on column title and select "Configure…" option from displayed menu to do this:

Changing field type to choice Dabble DB builds the list of choices based on your data:

At first sight everything works pretty good, but just until you accidentally do something silly. For example, I tried to convert Street into Choice (what makes no sense, of course) and my test 20 000 records Dabble DB example freezes with such a nice message from IE:

There is one more Dabble DB peculiarity that becomes apparent with the data which can’t be converted into new data type. I mean as I tried to convert Street into number the column type was modified, but previous data was still there just marked as invalid entries:


Actually, it didn’t take much time and pains to convert data from one type to another. There won’t be any problems or difficulties, especially if you work with not that large data volumes. Some peculiarities exist though. Just pay attention.

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