Thursday, April 23, 2009

What is your system key feature?

To the outward eye it seems that all web-based systems out there are the same with just a couple of differences. But I’d say the situation is quite the opposite. Each product has its peculiar key benefit that makes the service a stand-alone solution in this exact area.

The thing is its really difficult for the potential user to define this core feature at once.

And, unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases business users try out the system at random, hoping to finally get needed functionality.

I think "guessing" is definitely not the way here in all respects. This is exactly why I came up with an idea to ask vendors to name the key feature of the product that differentiates the system from the rest of competitors. There are many good things any service can do, but I really wanted them to name the ONE.

So, check out what each of them is especially proud of:

VendorKey Feature

Caspio Bridge
"Embedded deployment – Caspio-powered apps are all meant for deployment on customers’ websites, both internal and external facing sites."
Frank Zamani

Zoho Creator
"Data Manipulation - Ability to create custom workflows using Deluge Script."
Raffic Aslam

"One of the five core functions of QuickBase is its Role functionality. You can create as many roles as you like and make them as unique and customizable as you like."
Kirk Trachy

"The most unique aspect of LongJump is the ability to build applications in one platform instance and package them to another instance. This gives businesses the flexibility to run on our PaaS or internally on theirs."
Janhavi Wagle

"Advanced calculations with no need to use programming. While formula language handles most of the cases, you can also perform calculations over the set of related records and use it in further computations."
Kirill Bondar
"If I had to give
one distinguishing *quality* of dabbledb over other systems I would
say it's our attention to details."
Andrew Catton

As long as vendors have named these features themselves, I think that could be a crucial factor while choosing the service to stick with.

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