Monday, June 15, 2009

WHAT?! You didn't divide by zero, did you?

Recently in TeamDesk blog I’ve stumbled on post about divide by zero and couldn’t help but check if there is a stark contrast handling it in different web-based systems. My aim is to find out what tactic each vendor uses through a quick test.

So, in each system I will use the same example. Let’s input 2 numbers A and B, divide one by another and see what happens when divide by zero.

I am kicking off with TeamDesk, the instigator of the test:

The system correctly displays the result division by zero happened.

What about Dabble DB?

One can see a blank as result. We have the same situation with QuickBase:

In Zoho Creator Divide by Zero results in 0:

In TrackVia we have blank as the result, and the system explaines in the field history that divide by zero occurs:

And, finally, WorkXpress. The system recognized divide by zero happened, but couldn’t handle it well:


In general systems are capable of managing the issue somehow. I don’t think it’s a good idea to deliver 0 as a result of division by zero as Zoho Creator does. Not everything is clear with WorkXpress in this case. I wonder if it’s normal reaction of the system to any error or just to division by zero.

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