Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pushing the envelope to generate documents. The way of TeamDesk.

If you are already tired of creating documents in MS Word through copy/paste try a different way of doing this. You want to generate nice documents automatically with just one click? TeamDesk shows how to, so there is a point to find out the way.

In all tests I am going to use a simplified Invoice app with just 2 tables Invoice (master) and Item (details). Invoice items will contain product images. This is how the particular invoice looks like:

TeamDesk allows to generate documents through templates that are represented as MS Word files.

Let’s generate document template for invoice first. This is how it looks like:

Well, one can see all fields are already displayed and even details table of our invoice items are there.

So, let’s eliminate everything we don’t need there and add some amenities:

Let’s save this template in TeamDesk as a new document:

While viewing a specific Invoice the system shows the button to generate a document of this record:

Press the button and the system will generate a document in MS Word using the template we created:

It’s just the matter of your choice what to do next. You can use it as it is, make changes, send it via email, print or convert to PDF.


My point is TeamDesk proved the system satisfies users need to generate nice and slick documents. And it is safe to say there won’t be any problem with creation and editing a template in MS Word or its use as you generate a document. There are few moments though I’d like to point out, for there is no such a thing as an "ideal solution":

1. The document was generated on a client. So the MS Word is a must if you want to do it.

2. To generate a document the system uses Word Automation and ActiveX and it means this can be done only in Internet Explorer.

In case these 2 points of the system are ok with you TeamDesk is a pretty good choice if you want to create fine documents which you can create all by yourself.

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