Friday, July 10, 2009

Zoho Creator wins or failures?

Yesterday it’s been a lot of hype about the opportunity to Create Zoho Creator Web Apps from Microsoft Access Database.

I also thought these guys rock! But it never hurts to check out yourself. And guess what! I think it will disappoint you too...

This is what I am talking about:

Northwind.mdb and Xtreme.mdb failed to migrate with the same error:

I really wonder if developers always test their products on just one database or does it ever occur to them to try it somewhere else?!


Zoho representative Yoge informed me the issue was fixed:
"We have fixed the issue with migration of DBs containing OLE objects and able to create the application. There is another issue in uploading huge data. This is causing timeout error for the xtreme.mdb. We will fix this issue also and update it."
If so, lets check this out and see how it works now. What I've managed to accomplish is to open Northwind.mdb in Zoho migration plug-in:

And thats it with good news this time. Here is another error message while uploading the database to Zoho Creator:

How many tries do Zoho developers need to fix the problem? What are the stakes?


  1. Just an assumption: the error says that it could not connect to the db to load data, what can be permission-related issue, I would try to perform the same action as an administrator, this often helps.

  2. Hi Jane,

    we were able to reproduce the issue. The migration fails for dbs containing certain OLE objects. We will update the fix shortly.

    Thanks for pointing out the issue.

    (Zoho Team)

  3. Tried again.. But unfortunately with no success.

  4. Try - works like a charm.