Thursday, February 25, 2010

Want to make Caspio forms dynamic? Scripting is the way.

Caspio is positioned as a solution for building powerful web database applications and forms without programming. But why in the majority of cases when the user wants to add some dynamic behavior to the form he must use JavaScript?

I'd like to thank Frank Zamani for help and detailed answer about dynamic capabilities of Caspio Bridge.

Most features in Caspio-powered forms configured at design time and forms usually don't change behavior no matter how the user at run time acts. However, there are areas where behavior is dynamic:

Cascading dropdowns and listboxes, where the options in each field of the group depends on what is selected in the parent field can be implemented without programming. More details here.

Unfortunately, in all cases dynamic forms must be handled by JavaScript.
"Dynamic displaying/hiding or requiring fields is currently handled by JavaScript. That’s about to change as we will bring more of these options right into the platform."

Well until this happens, I think dynamic behavior capabilities of data entry forms в Caspio Bridge are pretty limited except dependent dropdown.

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