Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quickbase fails

Recently Quickbase customers experienced service outages repeatedly. It has been really an unexpected surprise for Quickbase users.

Recent outages brought QuickBase uptime for the past 90 days to as low as 95% level:

And even though they were assured the problem is temporary, the number of service failures exceeded acceptable limits. You can check out the retrospection of problems reviewing Intuit's Quickbase Fails Days After CEO Pledges Fix.

Quickbase official blog states the situation is unacceptable. As an apology Quickbase offers one month credit to all users, so you can check out their official letter to Quickbase customers HERE.

Anyway, this situation has brought QuickBase service reliability into a question, and many customers have lost their trust to this vendor for good. Even worse, some customers' databases are still broken, leaving them in a real frustration. That's why the competitors don't waste time and have already made their special migration offers to Quickbase customers.

So far, the following vendors offered their platform to be used as a reliable QuickBase alternative:

  • Check out Caspio special migration offer HERE.
  • TeamDesk special migration offer you can review HERE.


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