Monday, January 25, 2016

Top 5 Online Project Management Databases

The essence of any business is making money. The mechanism of businesses is delivering projects on time and under budget. Thus, keeping track of all the tasks and processes that are needed to accomplish a project is one of the top priorities.
There are dozens of specialized project management tools (online and offline) out there. They are mostly single-tasking applications worth a good buck. But considering my blog's subject, I'll be talking specifically about the online database software that among a lot of functionality in a number of different areas can also provide decent project management solutions.
So here is my rating of 5 web databases that offer pre-designed project management databases templates or let you build your own PM app from a scratch to precisely tailor your business needs:
Transpose is a relatively new online database management platform built on secure enterprise-grade technology. As a database for project manager, it has the fields and views that allow for task management, progress tracking, and team collaboration. Transpose also provides several views for project information management. Users can choose a table view (rows/columns), a calendar view (tasks against schedules), a Kanban view, or a compact view (see the whole picture at a high level). The system also makes uploaded files searchable by converting them into text. Pre-built PM templates are available.
Generally, Transpose's PM tool offers solutions that may fit individuals and small to mid-sized business owners. Though for now the functionality is somewhat limited, perhaps, as more users join the system, new features will be introduced.
Zengine is out on the market for quite some time now. Today, it offers users the ability to quickly put together data-driven applications (including PM) with very little knowledge or background in software. Users can track processes, collaborate and share information on the team, create and export report views – really easy.
But looks like that for this kind of simplicity Zengine is, to some extent, paying with functionality – you will get just the basic set. On the other hand, this problem is in part solved by the great library of Zengine third-party integrations (like MailChimp, Quickbooks, Twilio, etc.)
3. Caspio
Caspio is one of the leaders of online database management industry. And, of course, it has a good and worthy solution to offer for project management, either in the form of ready-made web applications or in the form of point-and-click app builder to make your own PM tool.
On top of it Caspio provides expert support and a very flexible price plan.
Zoho Projects is an application by well-known Zoho Corporation, launched specifically to deal with project management. Although developers claim that the platform can be used by teams of all sizes, it obviously suits best for small to medium-level companies. The most attractive features of Zoho software, from my point of view, are its flexible and inexpensive pricing structure, a rich variety of integrations, and communication tools.
At the same time, the biggest Zoho Projects drawback is that the best features are only available with the most expensive plans. Also, as for the award-winning company, Zoho customer support leaves much to be desired.
* Initially, I've planned to share the second place between Zoho Projects and Intuit QuickBase. But almost three months later after Intuit announced that QuickBase is going to be sold, its fate is still unknown. It is (or was?..) really good tool for team collaboration, but rumors are flying around that many leading staff members are looking for another place to implement their skills... So I prefer for now not to include QB to my rating.
TeamDesk has been present on the market for over a decade now. Although it's not advertised as widely as it competitors like Caspio, QuickBase or Zoho, this custom online database delivers great web-based application solutions, including database for project management. You have three options:
  • Get a pre-built all-in-one project management database;
  • Build your own PM tool from a wide range of pre-defined templates;
  • Start your own PM tool from a scratch.
In either case, you'll get a centralized but at the same time completely customizable, scalable and searchable environment to track project tasks, issues, and bugs, as well as due dates and statuses. It can be viewed as timeline (Gantt chart) or calendar.
Minimalistic design and zero programming features make TeamDesk dead simple to build applications that can precisely fit a specific workflow or way of doing business.
Project Management Database – Your Superpower
This rating doesn't claim to be super exhaustive or anyhow impartial. These are just mine subjective impressions on available database software. Moreover, lots of new utilities appearing on the Web every now and then that can satisfy the most elaborate requests. I can just add that as you can see, all of the featured app builders might help a company build their own custom project management tool. Some require very little coding knowledge, some fit better for the more technical users. Anyway, it's hard to argue that creating your own customized project management software is like having a new superpower. Use it wisely :)


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