Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coghead has its own ways

Large data sets handling test of Coghead now. My decision was to test it through Firefox. It looks like it’s impossible to work with the system without Flash.

The logic of app creation is a non type one.

I managed to find how the data is imported without reading a help, but at the very beginning it puzzled me a bit.

Import process went swimmingly at once. The system offered me to import my data directly from file. Exactly what was needed! Obviously Coghead developers had taken into account large data sets handling issue.

Not bad for the very beginning. But my first try wasn’t that smooth. Firstly, I was asked for csv. extension so I had to rename it, and secondly, tab separators were not recognized.

So I just replaced tabs by commas and tried to import it again and managed to!

The program successfully recognized my data should be structured in many columns. At last.

It was of a surprise Coghead doesn’t create columns through import. You have to do that manually.

Heading to column creation. It was not that easy task I must say.

Keep in mind Coghead columns are created through form editing – on small screen resolution Add and Delete buttons by default were pretty unnoticeable so I didn’t pay attention to that at first and missed the point I could create Data Fields in form editor.

What else surprised me? Despite the fact that Coghead columns and columns of my imported data were entitled the same way the program didn’t bind them. I had to map each next field through drag and drop function.

Anyway import function of Coghead is pretty powerful. Apparently you can modify your data through formulas if needed even during the very importing process. Not bad.

I can’t help but mention the function of automatic e-mail notification as soon as the program is through with the import, and it seems one can keep on tuning it while data importing. I like it.

But don’t judge it too quickly…

As it turned out you can’t fully enjoy this opportunity - from time to time my screen showed me an error massage as I tried to search through it.

Promised e-mail confirmation:

In general after the completion of importing I had no problems with data navigation, filters, searches or whatsoever.

My summary:

20 000 records is not that large volume to scare off Coghead.
The settings of the program puzzled a bit. Maybe it’s just me used to Excel or Access and it’s just the matter of habit.

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