Friday, October 10, 2008

Large data handling within Caspio

I can't embrace in my blog all the vendors who provide on-demand solutions and can not possibly test all their products, so i am trying to cover the most popular services here.

Caspio is worth mentioning.

So, how the things are with Caspio large data volume handling?

After l logged in the system indicated a prompt how to import data.

The system reminded me Microsoft Access a lot, so it was easy to find import menu at once - File/Import Data.

I had to wait for a few seconds and dialog window popped up.

I saved all options by default, and sent a zip file for import – very interesting option.

After reviewing Details and uploaded data, I realized that I have chosen the wrong text type at the very beginning. One should choose Tab delimited option.

Ok, back to basics. The system shows me the dialog window to choose the format…So I have to start again. Why not to make it possible to change options without uploading it once again?

After the second file upload I’ve got this:

All data types are marked as text and I am not allowed to choose any other type. Let’s try to change the column type after import.

It took 1 minute to import the data. After administrator import one could work with the table as in Microsoft Access.

There are no failures when sorting, searching and editing. Page navigation works also well.

Though the system works a bit slowly, with some hold ups, caused by JavaScript desktop functionality I guess (I realized it later), it has nothing to do with the quantity of records.

The data is already imported let’s change column types. As long as I didn’t manage to find "Email" column types, I changed only "Number" and "Data/Time".

After pressing Save browser was not responding for like 30 seconds but then was back to normal mode. I thought my data had been saved.

What is left its to check how Caspio resolves the task of working with the data in multi user environment.

I must say I failed to find out how to add user, it dawned at me that end user should work through separate forms – Data Page Wizard, which should be created with a help of an Administrator.

So I had to use Data Page Wizard:

And to create the page for search and viewing:


As a result I’ve got a page with a common web-functionality: search, sorting, page navigation. Actually everything ran pretty smoothly.

But the thing is that the functionality offered in Administrative part is not available. I have met my expectations,but I have an impression that the system is developed rather for more tech savvy users, than for non techies.

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