Monday, October 13, 2008

What are Dabble DB odds while record editing?

Whether Dabble DB support answers my question on large data handling or not (I am waiting for a reply, still…why I didn’t manage to import 20 000 records) it won’t prevent me from further product testing of simultaneous record editing by multiple users.

Having opened the Dabble DB record lets edit the data and try to save it through 2 different web browsers at the same time. I changed the fields First and Street in IE.

The same alteration of First and last field was implemented in Firefox too:

Ok, that’s everything I need to check out the service capability of simultaneous data editing. Let’s try to save changes. At first in IE the system has easily saved all my data:

I looked forward to seeing this in other browser as well. What will happen while saving it in Firefox? I saved the changes with no questions and Dabble DB just overwrote the fields:


It looks like currently Dabble DB doesn’t have any support of simultaneous editing at all. The user changes are just substituted by the changes of the other. The system doesn’t provide any warning or notification in order to inform the user what’s going on.

Obviously, Dabble DB customers should take into account that when dealing with record editing it is necessary to double check all alterations.

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