Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This record editing can be a tricky thing!

Utilizing one or another web-based solution sometimes you come across tricky issues of functionality. It often happens that several users are trying to edit simultaneously one and the same record. If this is not the case for you yet, the most likely it will be, if you are about to handle your data more efficiently – through the web. Let’s be prepared.

That can be quite a surprise to find the system overwrites your (or your colleagues’) corrections. It would be really interesting to find out how this problem is solved by well-known vendors. My aim now is to check it through real life application deployment.

It won’t be difficult to do. Actually I will just create a simple application, trying to open and edit simultaneously one and the same record through 2 different web browsers (let’s take IE and Firefox).

Check out my findings in upcoming posts!

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