Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is there “An unbiased point of view” at all?

So many people out there talk about neutrality. Actually, I take it pretty seriously too, but…

Working within different web-based services one way or another you get attached to the best ones...

I mean, if it’s clear cut which solution rocks in this specific case, naturally, you want to praise it and say “Attention, guys! This is it!”. But each and every time I am trying to contain myself from doing that, no idea how well its done though.

Sometimes it’s quite an issue to be neutral and just state something. Let’s be honest, if while testing one finds the product to be really something (at least in the specific case) and can really add value to the app is it wrong to recommend it?

I don’t know to what extent I manage to keep so-called unbiased position, but I do my best for this. My point is if the product is good readers are smart enough to recognize it and decide for themselves what to do.

My job is just to show them how it works in practice, solving the given task.

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