Thursday, November 13, 2008

TrackVia running total is up in the air

As I've made up my mind to test running total of TrackVia I decided to contact their support team in the first place in order to spare my time and clear up things at once. My previous experecince just confirms it is the right thing to do.

Actually, I had already tried the system capability to calculate running total, with no success... So I was kinda hoping it was me, not the service.

The answer of Matt Strenz, the support representative of TrackVia almost made my day:
"You can easily get a running total for any field in any view using our statistics. To so this you just select Statistics from the Format dropdown list in the upper right while looking at a view. You can also set a view while editing it to show in Statistics mode by default on the Display Options tab. Using this you will get a total, maximum, minimum, mean, etc for all number fields in the view.

For Example. If you have a view that shows 10 different sales and you have a field storing the sale amount you can easily pull this into statistics to see what is the total of all sales. Please let us know if you have any other questions or comments!"

But I am telling you "almost" because it was actually not the explanation I had asked for.

My aim was to create in TrackVia such a report through which I could build a diagram of running total change of definite time value. This was my point.

I just couldnt help but give Matt a call to explain what I needed. In addition I sent an e-mail with an example of what I was trying to implement.

I was almost sure I was close to show you how it actually can be done.

But after a while Matt e-mailed me again:
"In looking at what you linked to in your previous email we now understand what you are looking to do. We do not have the ability to do this in TrackVia currently but we will log this as a suggested enhancement."

I hope you'll manage to handle this, guys.

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