Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kicking off with a Dependent Dropdown. Check out the way of Coghead!

Finally I’ve got a chance to test the support of Dependent dropdown through different systems, kicking off with Coghead.

Each product will be tested through a simple pattern. I want to set up the selection of the city depending on the state.

This is my initial data with the list of states:

And the table with a list of cities:

So, to get what I want I create the table Records firstly for a dependent dropdown set up in order to filter the particular State in dropdown, so only the cities of this specific state were selected.

To secure this I added 2 link widgets and installed the corresponding link collection in each one. Also I added Filter for City, where I indicated the condition that the selected on the form State is equal State from Cities collection. More detailed instructions of set up and how it’s done you can find here.

As I’ve managed to tune needed options I can show you now the Dependent Dropdown in action:

Drawing a conclusion:

Coghead supports dependent dropdown well. I managed to do what I wanted. The only problem may arise when you set up the filter, because of the a bit complicated structure of the condition creation and resulting formula State=State also doesn’t clear up what is actually this condition all about.

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