Monday, November 24, 2008

Master-detail form testing revelations.

Master-detail form testing had its own surprises for me as I compared its organization through different present-day web databases.

To make the investigation of readers less time consuming I summarized the results in the table below and tried to put my findings in a clear-cut way. Anyway, you can specify the way of implementation in each tested service looking through the step-by-step explanations.

In the table below you can check products I considered eligible to appear in master-detail form testing:

Dabble DBPossible, but with the shortcomings of the system.There were too many "peculiarities" of implementation which caused a number of difficulties.
TrackViaNot possible. There is no way to build master detail form.It seems to me that currently Track Via program is developed for single table/database applications.
QuickBasePossible, the set up is pretty easy.The system handles the issue, the only drawback: you can’t add/edit items on one and the same screen with header.
CogheadPossible. Two ways of set up are suggested: Local Grid and Linked GridNone of given variants is an ideal way of this function implementation. Even though I managed to set up everything.
Zoho CreatorNot possible. Zoho offers to use Deluge Scripting instead of master detail form.Puzzling the user with too cumbersome alternative, which doesn’t solve the problem.
TeamDeskPossible, fast way of implementation is offered.I liked the system capability to handle a lot of implicit work on its own.

So, hopefully this sneak peak outlines what to expect choosing one of the listed products.

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