Friday, November 21, 2008

Pinnig hopes on Zoho Creator master detail form

Having tested Zoho Creator functionality for several times already I am still expecting to implement my next task from the first shot, because I do believe this product is capable of resolving such issues.

This time it’s checking master detail form function on the same example as I did before testing product Invoice (master) and it’s Items (details). I easily created the app and 2 tables (Invoice and Items).

This is how the Invoice looks like:

And Items:

I managed even to merge these 2 tables using Lookup Field and added Formula Field, what enabled the calculation of Total item.

This is where we are done with the good news. Unfortunately Zoho Creator doesn’t have any mechanisms for master detail support and offers to use Deluge Scripting, if the steps of its implementaion is of any interest for you can take a look at this.

Frankly, I am not a fan of this Deluge Script. Besides, to go this way one should know HTML and Javascript, and to my opinion it’s not a case for business user.

The thing is it's not worth taking so much pains and above mentioned steps in order just to get 2 links, which don't solve the given task well.

I also couldn’t find out how to calculate Grand Total of all Items in the invoice. I suspect, it also requires Deluge Scripting.


  1. Check out our sample application here :

    HTML knowledge is not required to do this.

    -- Yoge
    Zoho Creator.

  2. Really, now with the release of Zoho Creator 3.0 version its is much easier to add the code with a help of custom actions, which secures the function from deluge script, but still one should program a lot to make it work and to create an URL manually:

    I have already mentioned, that all these actions don’t allow to see the invoice overall, but this is what we actually use master detail form for, and I want to display the header and position of my document on the same screen.