Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Zoho support guys rock

Since I didn’t manage to import 20K records to Zoho Creator, naturally I requested their support to resolve my problem and was expecting a couple of suggestions of how this could be done in order to import the data, but I was pretty surprised for these guys handled it more radically:

"Now we have provided upload file option in create application wizard to import huge data.

Please rename your data file as .tsv file and create application by clicking Create New Application --> Import XLS --> Upload your TSV file."

So I decided to check how this new feature works and this is how the app creation looks now:

The next step allows creating types and names of columns:

At last I reached my final goal and saw the look of Zoho app with imported data:

As I expected there was no problem with import or navigation handling such large data set.

I have already tested many systems and contacted with support teams of all products. I must say, almost all guys did their best to give a hand, but to change the system in a couple of days and add missing functionality…. I have never seen this before. In short, Zoho did a great job so far. Well done guys!


  1. Sounds like you really need to "take your hat off" to the guys at Zoho. Read your first blog article about thinking twice and it sounded like you were in a bit of a pickle. What a relief that Zoho came through when you really needed their support. It really restores your faith in SaaS support, doesn't it?

  2. Actually, my first try wasn’t that successful, the system was just not capable to import such data amount. On the contrary, it was quite a surprise developers didn’t assume their users would operate with such data sets. The guys just did their job in a couple of days, by the way, as well as Dabble DB support team did.

    I mean any vendor would use the chance to improve the service and this is just what Zoho guys did, but in a very unusual way I must say. They added a new feature, not just fixed the bug. It s a question though if it will work out once a common user asks to resolve his issue, not a product reviewer ;)