Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Second shot to import 20K records to DabbleDB

Recently I’ve got an e-mail from Andrew Catton form Dabble DB that they have fixed problems of data import:
"Incidentally, we fairly recently solved an issue with data imports that I think you were encountering in your earlier tests. You may want to give that another shot :)"

So I had nothing to do but give the guys a chance to prove it on practice.

Even though there is no option for importing the data directly from file yet, I managed to import 20K records after splitting it into 5 parts:

After importing I tested Dabble DB performance handling such data volume and I must say there system had no problem with it.

That’s great Dabble DB guys managed to fix large data set import and I am really glad my first review could be of any help to make web-based applications better and facilitate day-to-day concerns of common users.

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