Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Amenities of Coghead find and merge duplicates function

If you want to keep your business running like a well oiled machine you have to make smart choices. This you can do only in case you are informed of what’s going on out there, what’s new and what exactly to expect from the service you are going to stick to.

Looking forward to define the practical value of program through the capability of each particular one to find and merge duplicates I am heading to Coghead testing.

As long as Coghead doesn’t have any build-in tools to find & merge duplicates, to implement this, developers offer to use Action Builder for creation of custom business logic which you can then call from within your Coghead application.

I tried to figure out the best way how to tune find and merge duplicates function, so I asked Coghead support to give me a hand and point me in the right direction.

This is what Jonathan McKibbin, Coghead support representative suggested. You can check steps one should take in order to program the function in Action Builder:

"It looks like you'll need to at least use a Retrieve Record step to find all 'duplicate' records based on some sort of filter which defines what a duplicate record is (two fields with the same 'name' value?), a For Each loop to perform a set of steps on each record found in the search, then some sort of Set Value step to change values, and a Perform Action step to update/delete the records themselves. The action will vary depending on if you're trying to merge values from a duplicate record and the original or if you're trying to switch linked records from a being linked to a duplicate record to being linked to the original record."

I wanted to program Find & Merge action in my Invoice app I used for testing of Coghead master-detail function.

Unfortunately, my experience is not enough to implement this Action on my own. But I am pretty sure it can be done through Coghead, looking back on my running total calculation test.

If you don't want to waste your time with all this set up there is always another option Application Development Sessions, if you can afford this, of course.

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