Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Find and merge duplicate records

Dealing with various web-based programs I can’t help but mention why actually so many people turn to on-demand services. In the first place it’s the issue of taking control of the data and keeping it clean. This is the core reason why people turn from Excel to web-database systems.

This approach really adds a tremendous value to data utilization, adding at the same time issues to solve. You’ve got to find a way to manage a variety of things.

I’ll give you a short preview of what I am going to talk about in the upcoming posts.

Currently I am trying to figure out what ways the services use for search of duplicate record and what methods are offered to help out if any.

Actually I am going to check how the systems handle the case when duplicate records have relations and what happens by record merge when it’s necessary to move foreign key information from the duplicated record(s) to the primary record.

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