Friday, December 12, 2008

Get real! Offline web app use? No sense!

Many developers out there are beating up their heads how to make the web application available offline.

But what for?!

Its like trying to find out how to get the car moving as one runs out of gasoline.

Of course, users face definite problems while using web services. The truth is nothing is perfect.

Yes, easy access means easy lock-in...

You have no control of your data and content.

And the service may go down any time!

Or the worst: what if they cut you off?!!

I’d stop right here.

Of course its not a pleasure to realize it can happen any second. But its just how the whole system is working, what can you do about it?!

Come on, guys! It’s like being scared there won’t be electricity as you wanna grab some tea. So, it’s high time to own a personal power station or nuclear heating plant, just in case.

So, the world has simply changed and one should just keep up with everything it has brought.

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