Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zoho Running Total. Where is it?

As I’ve made up my mind to share info on the functionality features of the most widespread (or not so popular, but still powerful) data driven apps, I’ve outlined some, that can turn the app to a business rocket.

Such functions as many-to-many relation, master-detail form, dependent dropdown, find and merge duplicates function, simultaneous record editing by multiple users option, as well as calculation of running total are really important for efficient app rollout.

Of course, no system can be labeled as good or bad just after trying its’ single feature. But the picture if it can solve your specific need is clearer anyway.

This time I got round to check Zoho Creator running total capability. Or I’d better say incapability. I was not the only one who'd like to do this. I've found here that the user requested to implement this, and yet another request here that the feature is needed. Since 2007 by the way.

What I’ve managed to find out here is that another Zoho product Zoho DB & reports is able to calcutate running total. This is something, but the way of Zoho DB and Zoho Creator integration is not found.

So, running total.. Where is it?!

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