Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why go online? Why SaaS?

Talking about efficiency, leveraging all opportunities out there and stuff only folks which are blind to the obvious can pass up the chance I am going to speculate on.

It’s all about taking your own space ONLINE.

Go and search an online environment of your particular sphere of activity, I am telling you. The market is heading online with the light speed. And you’d better too. It doesn’t really matter if you’re selling socks or own a grocery store or whatever. The truth is the faster you get there the faster you will witness literally the transformation of your business. No kidding.

One of the benefits I have found testing web services, is that it helps focus on what eventually you gonna get. And if you make the choice really smartly (what I am trying to give a hand at) a tremendous value can be added to your business. This is what I especially like dealing with SaaS. Just apply this tool wisely and you'll definately dicover new revenue streams.

But to do this you have to be online in the first place. Your business definitely should! It’s really amazing what possibilities online space contains.

Go and get it!


  1. Great post! It's amazing how many SMB's we talk to that are still trying to figure out if they should move their business on-line at all. A great reminder that not "everyone" is a twittering-fool

  2. Thats exatcly what I am talking about! Sometimes I can't believe that somebody is still considering if he should do this or not...