Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blist turnes to own method for editing the same record by multiple users. I had no idea!

Record editing by multiple users is handled absolutely differently in Blist. I think it’s really worth mentioning and taking a look at. This is the web list I've chosen to check multiple users editing the same record.

And this is how the issue is solved. The approach is different. Any data modification by any user is sent at once to the server and all users can take a look on changes the data is subjected to right now. Updated data appears on their screens. This is how it works in real life.

As one can see form screencast it’s difficult to define if the method works well in case we have the Form and Table. The very approach is really impressive, but I would question the usability for common users (I mean taking control of data modifications) anyway.

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  1. Hi Jane.

    Thanks for taking the time to review blist. One of the dynamics of reviewing software from a fast-paced startup is that you're trying to review a moving target. While I think you're conclusion is that how blist handles multi-user edit today is already impressive, I think you and all blist users are going to be very happy with a big deployment coming out the week after next. It's focused on multi-user editing, collaboration and even real-time, user to user messaging. We're extremely proud of it. So be sure to check back in early February and post an update!

    Kevin Merritt