Friday, January 23, 2009

SaaS lock in is a real lock in!

The silent agreement of vendors not to mention the fact once you get into the service and this is it, you are locked in, works pretty well. Who wants to scare off potential users? Moreover, some of them claim it’s feasible to transfer the functionality and there is nothing to worry about. Well, there is a reason.

Folks are not that eager to entrust data and logic to SaaS vendors to be locked in.

On the one hand, vendors don’t want to extend their service, aiming to solve this issue at the same time to make their product the most palatable for the customers.

Take into account, developing the app within any system there is no way the functionality you have tuned can be transferred to another one. Its inevitable one day the user finds he is locked within the particular system.

And another striking demonstration of that is PC Magazine award. Having chosen the system in 2005 they forced to be happy customers by now. Isn’t it a lock in?

There won’t be a big catastrophe if traditional software developer just stops providing its support, the old version will be running anyway and the user have enough time to replace it. But in case SaaS vendor informs you in a month the service will be down the situation is a way more dramatic.

This is exactly why the choice of vendor is that important. So, you’d better think twice. If take a chance, make sure it’s really worth it.

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