Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mission Impossible: Zoho Creator find and merge duplicates

Good structured data is a crucial factor of efficiency and success while working within any web-based database system. As the practice shows, unfortunately, the data is affected oftentimes when many users work within the application.

Really, it’s quite a task to get rid of data bugs when the system is used by many users simultaneously.

But what makes any system to be considered as good one is its tools to fix it. This is exactly why I think find and merge duplicate records function is that important.

About a month ago I tried to find out how this function is implemented in Zoho Creator, with no success. I expected to get any answer form Zoho support, but I guess there is no way you can do it, this is the only point I see why Zoho support guys are still silent.

Having analyzed Zoho blogs and forums I can say Zoho CRM is the only product that supports Find and Merge duplicates right now.

I don’t understand why some developers prefer simply not to answer the request, but stay silent or dodge the question if the system lacks some functionality.

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  1. Hi Jane,

    We sincerely apologize for not following up on your request. As of now, we do not support the Find & Merge Duplicates. We will proceed further by checking if there is anything we can get close to it using Deluge Scripts and update you at the earliest