Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PC Mag editor has NO choice. So, QuickBase awarded!

I just stumbled upon an interesting twitt that QuickBase got PC Magazine's Editor's Choice award.

Having read the article I came up with an idea the award should have been named: PC Magazine's Editor's HAS NO Choice.


Simply because in 2008 PC Magazine had not reviewed a single database system, so the very concept of choice is missing, as we can see it here.

The second argument is adduced by Edward Mendelson, in the end of his review:
"… if you use your database as a storage area for documents. You can't easily transfer files to any other storage system. You're effectively locked into QuickBase until the end of time."

Personally I consider QuickBase to be one of the best products I’ve ever tested, but this particular example of PC Mag selection has nothing to do with actual choice.

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