Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tricks of data changes within QuickBase

It’s vital to be aware of what to expect from the web-based system if talk about further data modifying.

And testing different systems functionality, such service as QuickBase can’t be ignored. So, let’s kick off with it and try to change the field type in QuickBase.

One should click “Change Type” link above the Properties tab of the specific column.

Then from the Select a field type drop-down list, choose the new field type, and then click Convert Data.

By this data modifications QuickBase shows a message what is going to happen: If the data cannot be converted, it is lost.

It should be noted that aside from the simple change field type QuickBase offers also advanced feature of data restricting, such as Convert a Field into a Table.

To simplify the process of data modification a dialog box appears on the screen, which shows you the unique values that QuickBase found in the field. So you can see that each value listed will be a record in the new table:

By pressing Next button such dialog box is displayed, so you can type in a name for the new table and click OK:

You will be informed that the system has created a new table by such massage.

How is it done within the system? Your new table is automatically related to the existing table as the master table. You can find out more about this feature here.

To sum up:

Despite the fact regular field change type of QuickBase has nothing special and the system handles the data that can’t be converted in a quite primitive way, QuickBase stands out against the background of competitors because of the possibility to Convert a Field into a Table.

Starting working within the app you can’t foresee all the future data modifications and all tricks you’ll face, but in case there is a need to change the data structure, QuickBase won’t let you down.

The service clearly shows how to handle it.

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  1. In the same spirit of bringing to light some of the more obscure QuickBase features, there are also type conversion (and other)functions available

    ChongLim Kim