Thursday, February 12, 2009

Your service! What a godsend!

Being web 2.0 junkie I couldn’t help but notice one interesting trend. If take into account the latest Obama craze, who wouldn’t join the hype, just passing the chance to be on the crest of the wave? Nonsense! Of course, nobody would.

Blist wasn’t an exception here. Well, blist is chosen by the very Obama Team, guys! It’s not something to be brushed aside!

I think, so few people have already forgotten the name Bill Clinton. Have you? If so, that’s ok. You’ll get your reminder, for without fail the vendor will inform you Dabble DB databased Clinton Foundation donor list.

But that’s not it! If we are through with alive American presidents worth mentioning along with the service (that can really add value to the product) there is no problem. Santa Clause has also a lot of stuff to do, try to imagine the volume of records of presents Santa handles with QuickBase! So there is no wonder why the service gets PC Magazine award.

Wait a minute! Has the Pope already chosen web-based system to track donations? Not yet? Guys, you’d better hurry up. Just think of it, invaluable contribution into the Right Cause.

Whose turn is next? It won’t be that hard to get in touch with Dalai Lama, a bit harder with Gautama Buddha.

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