Monday, March 2, 2009

Start from scratch or automatic jump start?

Currently Coghead customers have 2 options to choose from: start form scratch and automatic jump start. Both variants can be the way to go.

Starting from scratch gives the opportunity to look at the app you are using for you business optimization from another perspective. It helps to utilize the application differently, getting the most of it.

But building the app from the ground up takes some time and resources. So in cases when the time limit doesn’t allow doing so, or one should take really snap decision the shortest way is to choose.

My point is, if there is an opportunity to quickly try out the service in order to find out if it complies with your requirements, it’s better to do so. And tools each of these services has offered for automated transition make it possible:


  • Free migration of your Coghead application to TeamDesk
  • Free Technical Support
  • Free Trial

  • Qrimp
  • Free for the first 3 months
  • Then 50% discount for the next 6 months
  • Then full price for each month

  • Wolf
  • Free application transfer
  • No payments for 60 days

  • The choice of the service, of course, should depend not only on automation tool. Such criteria as security the company provides, its stability, needed features of the system are the core reasons of customers’ choice.

    So, why one should give these services a go?

    I've always claimed only practice shows if the system fits the specifics of his particular business and is capable of solving his issues. And the presence of the automation tools helps to figure it out a way faster and with no pains.

    As your app is developed with a whole lot of peculiarities and special features, one can review documentation, discuss a migration plan like forever. And eventually come to a standstill because of something you had no idea about crops up in the middle of the development.

    Obviously, you can kiss good-bye efforts and time spent on the app fine-tuning.

    The services providing the automation tool for data transition are worth trying: it costs nothing, saves time, requires no efforts and reduces the migration path literally by half.

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