Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TeamDesk automation tool for Coghead users. Make it easier.

I just got an e-mail from Kirill Bondar with TeamDesk support team. And this is what he’s saying:
"While helping Coghead customers to migrate to TeamDesk, we thought of exporting their data from Coghead to CSV files and importing them to TeamDesk. However, since Coghead stores data hierarchically, this approach did not let us make complete data migration. After two days of hard work we are proud to announce the migration tool that restores the structure and the data from the Coghead backup file into TeamDesk application. Details are listed here and here."

Well, this is pretty exciting, but, as usually, I prefer to give it a try.

I decided to make sure that this migration tool really works as expected. This is my try to migrate Basic Project Manager Application, let’s see what happens:

The first thing you need to do is to Export Application to your computer. All details how it can be done in Coghead the user can find here.

Now we can click Coghead Migration Tool link from TeamDesk Offer for Coghead customers page:

In case you don’t have TeamDesk login the system offers to create your own account first. As I already have TeamDesk account, the system redirects me on needed page at once, where one can download Coghead application backup:

This is how the result looks:

And this is the look of the specific Project:

As one can see with the help of this migration tool all relations between tables were successfully restored.


I think this tool can really be of a great help for those who decides to migrate to TeamDesk. It can really save a lot of time while migrating the data and allows to jump start within the system not from scratch, but from the base that can be developed afterwards.

It should be noted, the generated app requires some finalization, but in general this is not that complicated task, if compare it with creating the app from scratch. Good job TeamDesk.


  1. The Qrimp team has also built a Automated Import tool for stranded Coghead customers. It can be seen in this demo.

  2. Jane,

    thank you for reviewing CogHead-to-TeamDesk importing tool. The beta version indeed proofed quite useful as it already converted a number of customers' applications during a first couple of days.

    A new version of CogHead-to-TeamDesk importing tool was just released:
    The tool became even more automated - CogHead application backup is imported in seconds, without a human intervention.
    The new tool allows merging multiple CogHead applications into a single TeamDesk application on the fly to preserve links between CogHead applications while also saving customers’ subscription costs.

    You may launch a new engine from the same screen, and it takes just a few minutes to give it a try:
    Please stay tuned, as new updates might be on the way!

    Thank you,
    ForeSoft Corp.