Tuesday, April 7, 2009

QuickBase extensive approach to Many-to-many relation

Having already tested how some web-based systems organize many-to-many relation I’d like to give QuickBase a chance. As it turned out QuickBase help contains specific chapter on many-to-many relationship and how one should create it the right way.

Check out the look of student table:

And this is the look of table Courses:

To create many-to-many relation between "Student" and "Course" it’s necessary to add "Student Course" table, where we can store the year of participation and grade data.

After that one should create 2 many-to many relations:

Here are the details of one relation:

QuickBase offers various ways to view/edit data related through many-to-many relation. You can edit data related to "Student Course" table directly:

As well as on student’s or course’s side:

Using built-in report you can check out which courses are the most popular among the students form different countries:


In general QuickBase is good handling many-to-many relation. And I’d like to mention that in contrast to Zoho Creator here, as in TeamDesk, I managed to tune everything without writing a single line of code or any variant of algorithm to get such a result.

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