Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Globalization and localization: its all about versatility.

Speaking of web-based system versatility I’d like to take a look at a broader issue here. Specifically at the possibility to apply the app worldwide and what are the odds of services I am reviewing in my blog. Which systems are really capable of pushing the envelope and can be applied literally everywhere. This is yet another chance to figure out who is who and which solution possesses the killerest features.

This is what I am going to check out:

  • The possibility to input and process the data in different languages

  • Date/time format, including use of different calendars

  • Time zones

  • Formatting of numbers (decimal points, positioning of separators, character used as separator)

  • Currency (symbols, positions of currency markers)

  • Multilingual user interface

So, in upcoming posts you’ll get a chance to find out which system helps to get results that count.

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