Friday, April 10, 2009

Tricks of many-to-many relation in DabbleDB

I continue to test many-to-many relation functionality on the same examples of Students and Courses and just can't pass over Dabble DB. Hope this showcase will shed some light on the feature and calear up how to tune it.

So, lets start with table Student:

This is the look of table Courses:

Check out the look of "Student Courses" table, where we can store the year of participation and grade data.

The table "Student Course" is connected with tables Student and Courses through one-to-many relation, called "Link" in Dabble DB:

In Dabble DB you can view/edit data related through many-to-many relation directly in the table "Student Course" or on student’s /on course’s side:

The Dabble DB allows building various types of reports using the data stored in related tables:

To sum up:

As long as many-to-many relation represent 2 one-to-many relations, the existing Dabble DB master-detail limitations restrict the user here as well.

If this doesn’t bother you then Dabble DB allows many-to-many relation, as well as it handles master-detail.

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