Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What if use Zoho Creator globally?

If you have no experience with Zoho Creator yet, but you’re thinking about it and plan to check the system, make sure there is no problem using it in your locale. The most powerful services are used globally and can satisfy local requirements with no problem as well. So, let’s try out Zoho Creator now.

Zoho Creator time/data format and time zone settings are valid for the whole app:

It means all app users will see all time/date data in one format, transferred into the time zone you’ve set.

One can see Zoho Creator has no problem with data input in different languages:

For Currency the system allows to select Currency Type:

It was a bit of a puzzle for me how it‘s used within the system, for it is displayed only while editing the record.

At least I didn’t manage to find where esle this feature is used.


Zoho Creator application can be used worldwide with no problem. But you should take into account it’s necessary to administratively select one common data format and time zone for all app users.

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