Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Want to use Dabble DB globally? Go!

Like it or not but one of the most important criteria of any web-based evaluation is its capability to go worldwide. This time I am about to find out how Dabble DB solves the issue of globalization and localization.

Without further ado let’s get down to actual testing. So, the way Dabble DB treats dates, numbers and money is controlled by Locale Setting tab from Admin menu:

These settings are valid for all your apps. In addition you can specify currency type for a given field:

Dabble DB has no problem with data input in different languages and displays its correctly as well:

This is what I eventually got. The data is correctly recognized and there are no issues I should warn you about in case you need to deploy your app globally. With Dabble DB you won’t need any assistance in this.


So, DabbleDB is really ready to go worldwide. There is just one thing the user should remember: all you apps share same locale setting. In general DabbleDB proved its capability of global use.

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