Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's the use of free?!

It’s already been a lot of debate on the concept of free and whether it exists at all since the eventual goal is to make people pay.

The truth is that requests to advice free online database that rocks in twitter search appear more often. Are users really expecting to get an outstanding product paying nothing?

The funny thing is when they hope so vendors think how to turn them into paying cutomers as fast as possible at the same time. But if the user didn’t have to pay at the very beginning why should he after all? I think that’s a fair question. If Gmail starts charging users as they reach any threshold you'll see what happens.

When you pay for something you agree it has the value the money its paid for. But when you get it for free it means the product has no value. Isn't it a fact that anything of real worth and quality costs money, from the very start? Let alone the expectations of the service of paid and non paid products. The issue can't not be fixed? That's ok.. I pay nothing anyway. The system downtime is longer and longer? We'll wait a bit.. And try to picture the same situation with the service where money is involved.

And the last thing. What about time spent on all that? Doesn't it has its cost?

So, I'd think twice before saying our product that you get for absolutely free will rock your world..

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  1. Well, someone can choose Wordpress-like model, providing basic features for free and leaving all the tasty things behind the pricing plans.