Monday, November 9, 2009

Will Caspio SEO Technology be a Breakthrough for Cloud Database Apps as promised?

Recently Caspio Bridge has announced groundbreaking new SEO deployment method, empowering web publishers to easily make their data available to the largest possible audience.

This is what Frank Zamani, founder and CEO of Caspio, says:
"Caspio's new SEO deployment model is a game-changer, opening up unlimited possibilities for our customers to reach search engine users and leverage data for profitable business ventures."

Let's take a closer look what's that about.

As with all deployment models of Caspio Bridge, the deployment code does not contain any of your data. It is a set of instructions that retrieves the appropriate data and application interfaces from your Caspio Bridge account, in real time at the moment it is accessed by a user.

The difference between SEO deployment and other deployment models is that the deploy code does not run on the end user's browser. Instead, the SEO deployment code runs on your server. This is critical, because the search engine crawler must believe that the data resides on your own server. When the page with the SEO deployment code is accessed by a user or Web crawler, your server executes the deployment code, retrieves the data from Caspio, and delivers it to the requestor.

This is the look of wizzard that generates code for SEO deplyment:

Caspio provides the deploy code in three languages: PHP, ASP and ASPX.

There is one important moment of all this, the price:
"SEO deployment is available now to Caspio Bridge Professional or higher packages starting at $189.95 per month."

This sum is not that small I must say - $2279.40 per year.

I wonder if this new opportunity will really be a "game-changer", what other vendors can offer and at which price?


  1. Jane,

    Thanks for the great post. Important to note is that the pricing mentioned above is for our Professional package, which was always at $189.95 and now includes the new SEO deployment at no extra cost. Customers at Professional level receive 50 DataPages apps, unlimited users, and plenty of other resources including free instructor-led web based training, phone and live chat support, and free project consultations, just to name a few.


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