Monday, November 16, 2009

How does QuickBase make data available to largest possible audience?

With recent Caspio Bridge announcement of new SEO deployment method I wondered how many vendors out there catch up with that. Apparently, QuickBase has something to show us in this respect as well.

I asked QuickBase support if there was any chance to accomplish it in QuickBase and this was the answer Kirk Trachy provided me with:
"QuickBase customers have been managing their web content with QuickBase for years. In fact our website is littered with content that originates in a QuickBase database and is presented dynamically on our website via PHP SDK and our native QuickBase API. SEO is naturally built into the content as our web server renders dynamic pages. This is standard use of our free API and you can use any of our six SDKs to do it - free. You can use PHP, VB, Ruby, JAVA, C# and Pearl and if you want to do client side stuff you can use JavaScript."

The screenshot shows the look of QuickBase backend database:

The content is created and edited in QuickBase application. Then on Intuit servers the results are published on QuickBase web site using Quickbase SDKs and API:

Data is dynamic – including text, graphics and SEO. The benefit of managing web content in a database like QuickBase are many. Now contributing team members can update the content they are responsible for and updates to titles, text, graphics and tags including SEO keywords is immediate and without the delays and bottlenecks of waiting for the webmaster to make these changes.

Along with good news from QuickBase there are several moments you should take into account in case you consider QuickBase as back-end database for your web site. Even though the use of API is free, QuickBase's cheapest license costs more than Caspio: their minimal payment is $249/month $299/month. Note, in case you need more space for images or videos additional 100MB cost $100/month.


QuickBase has recently changed their prices. Now minimal payment is $299/month with 1 Gig of file attachment space and unlimited applications. You can add additional gigs for just $25/month.

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  1. Jane, great blog. Thanks for keeping the market aware of their choices when it comes to platform-as-a-service.

    Any and all databases can be programmed to deliver dynami content to websites. Developers have been doing this since the first days of the web. Quickbase is a great product backed by a solid company. However, there is nothing new in using API to get data on the website.

    Caspio's SEO capability for the first time enables non-developers to point-and-click their way into publishing a large database in SEO manner on their website, anywhere. That's what's unique about Caspio's SEO deployement.

    We also offer API for anyone who wants to extend their app beyond the framework.