Monday, February 15, 2010

Keep in mind specifics of QuickBase form rules.

In Quickbase your forms can behave differently based on specific conditions. You set the condition and tell system what action (or actions) to perform.

Let's check how QuickBase funciotns. Each rule contains 2 parts: conditions and actions are to be done, when the condition is true.

QuickBase supports following variants of conditions:

  • Field condition (for example, when the Status field is "completed.")

  • When the record is opened/saved.

  • When current user has definite role.

There is also a possibility to set multiple conditions in case the user needs to check several conditions.

Within the Action section, tell QuickBase what you want the program do when data in the form meets your condition(s).

Quickbase supports such variants of actions:

  • change a field to a particular value or the value in another field

  • hide/show a field or section

  • make a field required or not required

  • make a field read-only or editable

  • display a message

You can combine multiple actions in one rule if needed.

In case you'd like to specify the peculiarities of the implementation you can check it here. There is also a real life example of the setup and one can see it here.


Quickbase form rules work well and really allow implementing everything in a pretty simple way. There are some peculiarities though I'd like to specify.

Quickbase form rules run in a user's browser and within data-entry FORMS only, not in grid-edit. So, if you try to implement any business logic with its help, don't forget to turn off spreadsheet-like editing of the report.

Maybe it's just me, but the setup when two or more form rules show or hide the same element looks a bit complicated (you should combine them into one rule, using the Multiple Conditions selection).

In case you have different forms for different kinds of users be ready to create form rules in each form and support its consistancy as each form has its own set of rules.

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