Thursday, February 18, 2010

TeamDesk forms can be dynamic.

In case you'd like to make your forms dynamic in TeamDesk two features are available for this: form behavior and dynamic calculation.

Form behavior allows us to control column behavior in forms. You can specify the condition and the set of changes to apply to the form's columns when the condition is met. It's possible to show/hide column on "view" form and hide, make read-only, editable or required on "edit/add" form.

TeamDesk tracks when column used in the criteria formula changes its value and dynamically applies changes on affected columns in the form.

You can check the peculiarities of the implementation here.

The second opportunity to add some dynamics in TeamDesk is dynamic calculation. Any data column in TeamDesk has "Default/Calculate" property where you can write the formula that will work not only when new record is created, but also when any column used in the formula changes its value.

The details of its implementation one can specify here.


TeamDesk can make your forms dynamic. I really like that form behavior is not attached to any specific form and at the same time works for all forms set for the table in a view mode, as well as in edit mode. It's also good that system handles dependencies automatically (even though in the very beginning it takes some effort to understand that), so if you use [A]+[B] formula as "default/calculate" value in [C] column, system will automatically recalculate [C] if [A] or [B] changed by user on the screen.

There are also some peculiarities and limitations in TeamDesk I'd like to outline.

Calculations and form behavior in the system are done on the web server, not in a user's browser and it causes a little delay. I think here some visual feedback can solve the issue (in order to show wich columns will be affected).

Please note also what form sections and detail views can’t be controlled by form behavior or other way dynamically.

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