Friday, October 3, 2008

Is it quick with Quickbase?

I am trying to figure out here what actually a user with large data volume to handle can expect sticking to one of the services. As I am already through with Dabble DB, Coghead and TeamDesk it is time to test Quickbase, yet another service worth a look.

Quickbase offers a special mode for new app creation through data import.

You can fulfill the task through copy/paste as well, but in terms of our previous experience it won’t work.

Import the data directly from file to avoid possible system failures.

Well, Quickbase thoroughly analyzed the data and even defined the right data types for all fields. So, the words "the system is intuitive" are not just a froth.

Frankly speaking, I expected to stumble upon more difficulties, than I’ve actually did up to this point.

I was just asked to name my application and table and the import process started.

In fact after pressing OK it took a system 4 minutes to create an application.
Quickbase omits progress indicator, as well as TeamDesk, but as long as the app is formed within several minutes it’s not that vital, I think. In general the very approach is pretty holistic.

This is how it looks within the Quickbase application.

Quickbase provides page navigation displaying the table data. There was no breakdown with such data volume. I could sort, group and search the data with no trouble.

Quickbase really proved to be quick.

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