Friday, November 14, 2008

How much effort is needed for running total in QuickBase?

Sometimes it’s quite a surprise to find a system known as powerful not capable to handle a simple task and vice a versa. It happens that not so often mentioned service copes perfectly with the problem. But one way or another if the service has a big name it has to be something to it.

Let’s see what happens in QuickBase while running total calculation.

This is my initial data and how it looks within the system:

I managed to define how to implement my task right away. To get Running total in QuickBase is possible through summary report, thank to option of how to display results:

This is what I have got:

So you can drilldown just by clicking the specific date and take a look on the received in the given period amount:


Without further ado I can tell that QuickBase offered the simplest method of running total calculation among all products I've tested before. If you are ok with the way the summary report displays results to user, of course.

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